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April 3rd, 2016

Lake Conroe Real Estate Agents – a listing of lake conroe communities supported by our real estate agents. Find the best lake conroe home possible.

Lake Conroe

Getting a home at the lakefront could be the most luxurious dream for many people. If you are planning to have an experience of what lakefront living around Lake Conroe is, get a real estate agent to show you around and introduce you to the unparalleled lifestyle. Many prospective home buyers ask lots of questions as they consider the Lake Conroe area. One of the questions is “What are the kinds of comforts and communities around the lake?” Coming from metropolitan areas like the great Houston where there are lots people, traffic jam and many businesses and buildings, they desire to be in a more relaxed area. Lake Conroe does not let them down. The experience of living around Lake Conroe is a perfect escape from that sort of fast moving city and sub-urban life.

When you live in Lake Conroe communities, you enjoy a much more relaxed, natural environment where you can work and enjoy life. With over 100,000 acres of Sam Houston National Forest and over 20,000 acre Lake Conroe, Lake Conroe lifestyle is a great opportunity to enjoy the ubiquitous natural beauty that is still close to everything that you need. Below are the “hidden gems” and most popular communities that are highly sought after by home owners.

1. Bentwater
It is a premier lake front community cuddled between the luxuriant Sam Houston National Forest and the ever beautiful Lake Conroe. It is the home of lake resort lifestyle and is the only gated, private waterfront community of its class in Texas. In addition to having two private islands, it has a Country club, Racquet Club, Day Spa, fitness center, Yatch club and Marina, and Pro shops.

2. April Sound
This lovely gated community sits on over 1200 acres of gorgeously wooded hills and valleys on the shore to the south of Lake Conroe. It is situated approximately 5 miles from Downtown Montgomery and 10 miles from Conroe. It has the most idyllic setting for a resort and country club.

3. Del Lago
This is a golf course community located on the Walden Peninsula of Lake Conroe. Residents of this private lakefront neighborhood directly access the AAA Four Diamond Texas Resort, La Torreta Resort and Spa. It has 3 sections and over 350 home sites.

4. Walden
It is one of the largest and most prestigious communities. Walden is master-planned, including a national golf course, a highly reputable Yacht club that homes a top-class restaurant in the area and one of the busiest marinas on Lake Conroe.

5. April Villas
Among the hidden gems of Lake Conroe is this quaint gated community. It is situated on Hwy 105, east of Montgomery, Texas. Sitting on over 6,000 square feet patio lots, these water front homes feature beautiful 16 single family water front homes.

6. Point Aquarius
Point Aquarius is a highly attractive Lake Conroe community on the north shore, just 50 miles north of downtown Houston. It is nestled between Sam Houston National Forest and the beautiful waters of Lake Conroe. Its residents enjoy being close to big city utilities as they fully benefit from the relaxed lakeside living lifestyle.

7. Seven Coves
This neighborhood offers a simple approach to the lakefront lifestyle, with close proximity to Conroe, Willis and I-45. It is the home of community gatherings, chili cook-offs, Fourth of July parades and block parties.

8. Diamondhead
It is a private non-gated community located at the end of Marina Drive. It’s one of the oldest communities of Lake Conroe that is tucked away in an attractive area north of HWY. Residents enjoy the spectacular open water views of Lake Conroe.

These are among the most exquisitely located and developed Lake Conroe communities. However, this list is not all inclusive. There are so many other lush communities that make Lake Conroe the ultimate destination for lakefront living.

Hummingbird Feeders

April 3rd, 2016

Birds come in all sizes and shapes and range in types from herbivores to carnivores. Birds have been the idols of their own shows and bird watching is one of the planet’s most practiced hobbies. People from all walks of life like bird watching. One type of bird that people enjoy looking at is the hummingbird. It is small, colorful bird with iridescent feathers. The bird is gorgeous yet very agile and its name comes from the fact that it flaps its wings so fast (around 80 times in one second) that it makes a humming noise.

Best Hummingbird Feeders

In the wild, the chance to see a hummingbird very closely is somewhat uncommon. This is because, like any other wild animals, the bird is simply not comfortable around human beings. One way of getting rid of this problem is by providing a place for the bird to find supplementary food. One great way to improve your view of a hummingbird is to attract it to your garden using a hummingbird feeder.

A homeowner can, of course, go to the nearest pet store and purchase the latest and greatest in backyard bird feeders, or he can simply try his hands at making his very own bird feeder. It is a very easy project to do and the pleasure that you will gain while looking at the beautiful hummingbirds in action will definitely be worth the effort. And there are expensive hummingbird feeders and affordable ones.

Hummingbird feeders come in 2 styles; basin and inverted style. The feeders normally have a small receptacle in which sugar solutions are placed. They have openings just big enough for the birds to put their long beaks. However, the solution is actually just an energy boost for the birds. Hummingbirds’ main diet is gnats and other tiny bugs.

A person can fill the feeders with seeds and there’s also the opportunity of having a bird bath in the garden. This provides the birds with the opportunity of splashing about and getting themselves nice and clean.

How to find the best hummingbird feeders

First of all, you should realize that a bird is a visually stimulated animal and therefore when it comes to hummingbird feeders; it is one of those situations where first impressions really matter! There should be a red in color in the feeder as this is something that catches the humming bird’s attention! However, if you cannot find a red feeder, then place the one you have near some red plants or flowers.

A hummingbird is territorial and has a habit of chasing away any other hummers that it thinks is going to take its food. The best bird feeders to purchase are the smaller ones as a person can place many of these around the house and garden allowing more of these spectacular little birds to make the home their favorite feeding location! There are feeders with only one place for a single bird to feed, and there are others that can allow more than one hummingbird to feed at once.

From the hummingbird point of view, the best hummer feeders should have features that stop insects from stealing the food, and also has a perch where they can sit and also rest. From a homeowner’s point of view, the best hummingbird feeders should be those that are easy to install in the compound, easy to fill, easy to clean and cannot be easily damaged if they fall from the place to which they have been attached to. One of the best feeders is the type that can be easily fixed to the kitchen window. A homeowner could even fix a few feeders around the edge of his window with suction cups so that he can enjoy the magnificence and antics of these charming tiny birds as he does his chores.

Another hint when choosing hummingbird feeders is to pick one that can be dismantled easily. Feeders need to be cleaned every 3 to 4 days due to the unfortunate clotting habit of water solution and the sugar. However the number one thing that you should look for when buying a hummingbird feeder of is convenience. Make sure it is easy to clean, refill and durable. And do not forget that location is everything when it comes to hummingbirds; place them in areas that are easily visible. Once the hummingbirds find it, they will be back every now and then until it is time for the season migration.